360? Aphrodisiac Trap

360? Aphrodisiac Trap

Title360? Aphrodisiac Trap
GenreMature, Romance, School LIfe, Smut, Manhwa
AuthorHadagi shojo

Description :

360° Aphrodisiac Trap Japanese Webtoon also known as (AKA) “360°媚薬トラップ~素直に濡れちゃうツンデレ穴~/ 360º Biyaku Trap ~Sunao ni Nurechau Tsundere Ana~”. This Completed webtoon was released on 2019. The story was written by Hadagi shojo and illustrations by Hadagi shojo. 360° Aphrodisiac Trap webtoon is about Mature, Romance, School Life, Smut story.

List Chapter :


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